Wooden Cross Hand-crafted Heirlooms

About Us

The Wooden Cross website is an homage to the eternally simple yet evocative shape of the Christian cross, and the symbolism it carries with it.

Aside from the informative details we aim to provide for those interested, the Wooden Cross aims to bring the most exquisitely designed and meticulously handmade wooden crosses to believers and admirers alike. Our goal is to create heirloom quality pieces which can be passed down from generation to generation. We believe in providing something for everyone, and even though our main focus is the creation of lovingly hand-created pieces, we also carry a variety of simpler options for those who would simply like a gentle reminder of their faith for their home or person.

Each piece we carry is lovingly created by us or sourced from small family-owned workshops. We strive to not only bring a memorable piece of religious iconography into the homes of our visitors, but to also enrich the lives of those involved with the creation of these artworks by allowing the world to get a chance to experience their art and craftsmanship.

We would love to hear from you, whether you are interested in one of our pieces or are simply passing through.