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Olivewood Cross & Its Significance in Christianity

The wooden cross is arguably the most recognized symbol in the world, and has been part of human history and certainly Christianity for millennia. For Christians, the cross is, of course, the most fundamental symbol, and represents the cornerstone of the religion, the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The most traditional form of the cross is the wooden cross?especially the olivewood cross.

Significance of Olivewood in Christianity

The olivewood, particularly olivewood from olive trees from the Holy Land, bears significance in Christianity as it is mentioned in many instances within the New Testament. One such significant mention is the prayer that Jesus said under an olive tree on his way to Jerusalem, which occurred after the Last Supper, and before his crucifixion.

Olivewood Cross

The olivewood cross is one of the most common types of wooden cross found in Christian homes. Many such crosses are wall crosses, but can also be found in the form of pedestal crosses, and pendants.